What happens when you smoke weed?

With the legalization of marijuana and continuous research studies depicting the list of benefits associated with its consumption, the demand for cannabis products is continuously increasing. The cannabis market has experienced great growth within a shorter time span. Cannabis products derived from the hemp plants which have THC and CBD as the most active components amidst the 400 chemical components. T

hey are widely classified into two categories for recreational use and for medical use. The property of both the cannabis is completely difficult and hence the after effects. Recreational has higher THC content which triggers the psychoactive elements whereas medical cannabis has negligible or lower THC content making it legal and safer for consumption.

The market is filled with number of cannabis products from beauty care to medical and more. Beaver Bud is reputed online store to provide quality cannabis products and accessories. Not only cannabis has wide range of products but it can also be consumed in number of ways. The way of intake along with the concentration of CBD plays an important role in defining the after effect of consumption.

Smoking weed is the most common and popular alternative although it is not an efficient and safest option. When individual smoke marijuana there is high chances number of toxins gets developed in the process which has an adverse effect on the human body.

Moreover, continuous and regular consumption of marijuana through smoking can lead to a number of lung and breathing issues. In addition smoking marijuana doesn’t have as long effect as other alternatives. Hence, one must look for the safest possible alternative to reduce the chances of adverse effect in the long run while enjoying the plethora of benefits associated with the consumption of cannabis.

Experts recommend using cannabis with edibles either raw or cooked. The market is filled with a number of edibles including cannabis chocolates, brownies, candies, gummies and more. The CBD, when consumed with edibles, is absorbed through the stomach. One begins to feel the effects of CBD in one to two hours and the effect can last for more than six hours depending on the strength and potency of products. Below is the list of benefits one can gather by consuming cannabis as edible rather than smoking it

  • Ease of Us

While other CBD product types can be quite intimidating, there’s no such problem with CBD edibles. One can easily eat cannabis by infusing with edible of their choice.

  • Has a long-lasting impact

The best factor of edible is that they are absorbed through the stomach and therefore has a faster and longer impact when compared to most of the alternative methods of intake.

  • Offers a wide array of flavors

There is a number of people who face problem-consuming cannabis in the normal form. Edible cannabis is an available number of flavors which feels goof to tastebuds.

  • Allows to manage the dose

One can easily control the quantity of cannabis while infusing it with edibles. Moreover, the edibles available in the market are said to have a higher concentration of cannabis when compared to other products.