Weed is the best thing if you want to avoid alcohol

Majority of individuals are addicted to some or other types of drug, although it can be easily characterized as community smoking weed and the one consuming alcohol. Alcohol has been legal for a long time and therefore is more acceptable socially in comparison to weed. However, if you analyze the deterioration ratio of both the drugs you can easily distinguish which is better to consume alcohol or weed. In comparison to alcohol, cannabis has multiple medical benefits and is said to be a harmless and non-addictive drug. Below are some of the facts which might help you understand why the intake of marijuana in any form is better than the consumption of alcohol

  1. Alcohol destroys the organs

Prohibition of weed has lead to several myths and misconception about marijuana’s effect on the health of human beings. People often believed that smoking marijuana and tobacco leads to a similar amount of damage to lungs however recent medical report states it to be myth and marijuana smoke is not much dangerous. Consumption of liver is widely known t destroy the liver of users who are addicted or intake on regular basis.  The heavier drinkers have a higher risk for liver damage, stroke, heart disease and more. Literally, alcohol can be poisonous to your body whereas no such evidence has been found which can states side effect of smoking pot.

  1. Marijuana doesn’t have an overdose

Alcohol users generally have overdosed of it which clearly imbalances the coordination between mind and body. Too much consumption of alcohol can be fatal but there is no breakout point in case of smoking weeds. According to reports, nearly 88,000 alcohol death cases are filled every year throughout the globe. In comparison to the provided data, the number of death caused by marijuana is almost zero. A typical joint contains about half a gram of marijuana and for a person to die with marijuana consumption, he or she should consume around 650 kg of marijuana under 50 minutes which is practically impossible.

  1. Alcohol leads to violence and crime, marijuana doesn’t

Reportedly, consumption of alcohol has been shown to cause anger and aggression in certain people, making them more likely to engage in risky or dangerous behavior. Excessive consumption of alcohol impairs parts of the brain involved in decision making and judgment and therefore it is always recommended not to drink and drive. On the other hand intake of marijuana makes one calmer and less agitated.  Hence, there are lesser chances of violence and crime thus much healthier atmosphere.

  1. Alcohol increases the chances of cardiac disease

The limited and controlled dosage of alcohol may have beneficial effects on the consumer’s heart but heavy drinkers often have a high risk of heart attacks and strokes. However, with consumption of marijuana doesn’t have a severe effect on the organs rather is used for the treatment of severe medical conditions.

In a nutshell, alcohol consumption is more dangerous when compared to weed. With the legalization of weed people of Canada can now make a purchase for the recreational cannabis online with Namaste.com.