Unique Benefits of Microblading

We all know that it is rare to see a woman with all natural eyebrows that do not require some enhancement to give them a better look. If you care about your looks you probably have some work done on your eyebrows from time to time. Most women lost hundreds of dollars and endure discomforting pain to have their eyebrows waxed a technique that was previously popular in eyebrows enhancement before microblading came along.

Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with the process of over-plucking their eyebrows, especially in their older age. Besides, the over-plucking can drastically ruin the natural looks of your eyebrows leaving you with lines only instead of natural brows. Occasionally, ladies try to fix over plucking with expensive products and tedious processes. To avoid all these harsh and frustrating processes microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo like eyebrow can be a lifesaver as it will fill and shape your eyebrows allowing them to maintain their natural look without inconveniencing your lifestyle.

Here top benefits of microblading

It’s a time saver

Many women spend more than 20 minutes every morning doing their eyeliners and filling their eyebrows as well. Shaping and filling eyebrows can be a very annoying process that you cannot skip especially if you have extremely thin eyebrows. However, the good news is that microblading will help avoid this annoying process and allow you to sleep a couple of extra minutes that you have been sacrificing to make your eyebrows every morning.


Numbers do not lie. Perhaps you spend a couple of hundreds if not thousands of dollars on eyebrow filling products every year. Buying brushes, fixers or tweezers, among other items, they cost money that can be saved by choosing a cheaper option. With microblading you have to spend a little extra up front but will last up to 3 years thus saving you all the money you could have used buying products and visiting beauty parlours.

Long lasting

As mentioned earlier, microblading can last up to three years but the results vary from person to person. The great thing with semi-permanence is that you can take a break from beauty enhancements and make-ups and maintain your natural look.

No maintenance costs

This is probably one of the top reasons why most individuals choose microblading over other eyebrows enhancements techniques. Once the procedure is done and you have healed you will not have to worry about your looks anymore. You can literally do anything including swimming, skating, farming, and visit saunas without worrying about ruining the looks of your eyebrows.

Safe and comfortable

We all know that not all beauty enhancement procedures are comfortable, even some may be unsafe if necessary precautions are not put in place. Microblading is also highly recommended for individuals who fear needles as to involve the use of numbing ointment instead of local anaesthesia. As long as highly trained and experienced professional handles the procedure then you do not have to worry about any risks.

It is time you stop worrying about waxing or other painful eyebrows enhancement methods and go for the safe and convenient microblading for long-lasting results