Reasons for white discharge

Vaginal discharge to women is a physical process and also the way the body works. The walls located in cervix and vagina makes a white substance and keeps those organs healthy and germ-free. However the quantity, color, and stability of the discharge differ for every woman.

‘Vaginal discharge is a common and normal thing which shows that the gland inside the body is working well and the process of producing hormones is also going on in a normal way. However, a lot of vaginal discharge can sometimes be an indication of an infection or a disease.

White vaginal discharge can also be a simple matter and even serious. There are many situations when there may be white discharge due to some physical changes.

There are just a few reasons for white discharge

  • Ovulation

Apart from the walls of Vagina and the glands, hormones also play an important role in the white discharge. At the time of ovulation, the level of progesterone in the body increases due to which the vagina remains heavy and continuously discharged. It is a healthy and simple process to reproduce. For this reason, women have been found transparent discharge a few days before periods, which lasts for several days.

  • Sexual stimulation

A lubricant is manufactured as a natural disorder for the good intercourse. The stimulating hormones for sex form this white discharge. Many times this discharge can be very high.

  • Pregnancy

White discharge with light smell is a common practice during pregnancy. Due to the hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy, this discharge can be quite high too.

  • Stress

In modern lifestyles, women can easily become victims of stress which may have an impact on their health. Stress is a major cause of hormonal imbalance in our body, due to which the vaginal discharge can occur. Although the discharge due to stress is also considered to be a simple thing, you should take measures to overcome stress for a good lifestyle and good health.

If the Vagina is being discharged very much, contact your doctor immediately to ensure that its true causes can be ascertained. If your vaginal discharge is due to any urinary problem or UTI, then it can be treated properly. Often, it is also advisable to do a Pap smear test in such a situation. Also, if there is a problem with STD then it would also be necessary to treat it right from the stage of its evolution.