Natural Breast Enhancement Options Available

Let’s be honest, a round, firm bust is a sign of beauty by any community’s standards. It’s no surprise that more and more women are desiring a larger bosom. They portray beauty and enhance femininity. While they’re a few women naturally “blessed” with firm ones, the rest of us are extremely self-conscious of ours.

The breast tissue is made up of fat but I’m not here on a biology crash course. Today, we’ll go through the various natural remedies that could give you good results. It’s true that hormonal injections and pills are twice as effective but can we risk the side effects? I doubt.

1. Exercise

Again, breasts are made up of sebaceous fat lands and connective tissue. Certain physical exercise such as:

  • Push-ups
  • Bench presses
  • Chest Press

May help in breast enlargement. How’s this possible? The answer is given by this website here – These exercises all result in chest compressions. The arms and shoulders are utilized while performing these exercises. This means that the muscles around the breasts are toned and the skin around them tightens. In return, you end up with firmer breasts. They will tend to look larger too.

Seek expert advice from a professional gym instructor near you. They are more experienced in these matters. They will advise on the most appropriate exercises depending on your body shape, age and breast enlargement goals.

2. Regular Massages

According to one study carried out by a university in Thailand, regular massages help increase breast size. In the published report, they suggested that massages help enlarge breasts in two ways. First – they enhance blood circulation around the boob area.

The breasts are nourished with the nutrients appropriate for natural growth. Again, the tissues around the breast are stretched making the breasts slightly bigger. When these muscles contract, they make the breasts firmer and more attractive.

In Thai massages, they use both almond and olive oil as they find application in Alternative medicine.

3. Fenugreek (the Herb)

This herbal plant has its roots in India and the Mediterranean region in general. Its seeds find application in various medicinal areas but perhaps the most pronounced one is in breast enlargement. It is general knowledge that they help in enlarging breasts though there is no clear explanation on how it works.

Some nutritionists believe that it stimulates the mammary glands. This is where baby mil is produced. A renowned physician thinks that this is medically impossible and suggest that the Phyto-estrogen present in fenugreek helps increase estrogen (the hormone responsible for female reproductive health.) But could we care less about how it works?

4. Fennel Seeds

They have large quantities of an estrogen-boosting flavonoid. Traditionally, they were taken by nursing mothers to boost milk production but recent findings suggest they promote breasts tissue growth too.

For best results, have your breasts massaged with fennel oil. How’s it obtained? Grind the seeds to obtain a paste. Mix this paste with your favourite carrier oil. I love using Rosemary. Masseurs suggest that breast massages are most effective when done in excesses of 100 reps. You could start with 50 reps and slowly work your way upwards.