FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai

There are two scientifically proven methods of the hair transplant, known as the FUT or follicular unit transplant and the FUE or follicular unit extraction. The technique is chosen after assessing the patient’s scalp condition and overall assessment done by the expert hair surgeon. The expert mind and experienced hand to let you know about the status of your donor’s condition as well as the state of baldness that needs the particular number of hair grafts to fulfill the expected outcomes. However, the relevancy of the FUT hair transplant in Dubai increases predominantly and motivated a patient to join the procedural treatment offered in UAE.

What is a FUT Hair Transplant?

The FUT or strip harvesting technique to extract the graft involves the strip of the skin excision that contains the grafts/follicular unit are sent to the laboratory where highly proficient technicians dissect the graft one-by-one in order to save them and the obtaining grafts are kept in the saline water until it is being used in the hair transplant procedure. The FUT method of extraction only targets the safe zone, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp that contains the permanent hair roots. However, the graft extracted via the strip technique never fall out and remains forever. The FUT hair transplant technique is mainly recommended in the pattern baldness or Androgenic alopecia.

Who is the right Candidate for receiving the FUT Hair Transplant?

  1. The Available Donor Condition: It is mandatory to have good donor area strength if you need the FUT technique of hair restoration. The FUT is recommended in almost all cases of the hair transplant procedure as it only gives the permanent hair roots to overcome the problem of genetic hair loss. The back and sides of the scalp is the safe zone that contains the DHT-resistant hair roots and known as a safe donor area that is primarily used in the hair transplant procedure.
  2. The Laxity of the scalp: It is necessary that the prospective patient has the loose scalp skin in order to remove the hair-bearing strip. The hair transplant surgeon checks your scalp laxity before performing the FUT technique as it is needed to have the loose scalp skin to excise the strip easily. So, the patient must possess loose scalp skin to receive the strip method of the restoration surgery.
  3. The case of Androgenic alopecia: If a patient is affected by the pattern baldness or Androgenic alopecia, the hair loss will be permanent and strongly needs the hair restoration in order to receive the best permanent hair roots. The hair roots extracted via the strip technique remains forever on the scalp due to the DHT-resistant characteristics.
  4. Hair loss is Not Progressive: It is also very important to receive the FUT technique that hair loss is not progressive means that the hair loss shouldn’t be the case of the spot baldness or Alopecia areata. The case should be static so that a surgeon will be able to distribute the graft/follicular units wisely. An ideal candidate to receive the FUT method is one whose hair loss is not progressive or an ongoing state.

So, it is always good to get the initial consultation with your hair surgeon to know the feasibility of the state in order to receive the specific method to get over the problem of baldness permanently.