Reasons for having LASIK

 LASIK eye surgery is a refractive corneal surgery in which laser is used to alter the shape or state of the cornea as required. This surgery is basically performed to treat myopia (nearsightedness) , hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. This surgery is performed by experts at Lasik San Antonio by cutting a small circular flap in front if the eye then slightly peeling it off and letting a cool ultraviolet laser beam to fall on the cornea of the eye to produce desired changes in them.  For near-sighted people cornea is made flatter, for farsighted one’s cornea is made steeper. Astigmatism is corrected by smoothing an irregular cornea into a more normal shape. After reshaping the cornea, the flap is put back and cornea heals naturally.

LASIK is a better choice when recommended by your eye doctor because of following reasons:

  1. Risk-free procedure

LASIK is a completely risk-free procedure as it doesn’t involve any complications and is performed only after the patient passes the required tests. It is performed by experts and is safe.

  1. Time-saving

The whole process only takes about fifteen minutes and doesn’t require the patient to be hospitalized hence very little time is required.

  1. Amazing results

Studies have shown that LASIK has given desirable results to patients. They had improved vision without any side effect and were happy with the convenience of the procedure.

  1. High success rate

More than 96% of patients underwent the procedure fairly comfortably. They continued their lives with more ease and confidence. This anchor Lasik San Antonio provides further information on the positive outcomes of LASIK

  1. No glasses required

After surgery say farewell to glasses and contact lenses as they are no more needed. Now you need not worry about leaving glasses behind.

  1. No bandages

LASIK requires no bandages or stitches, only eye drops are handed by the doctor for better healing.

  1. Better lifestyle

LASIK ensures a better lifestyle where you are free to be on the go without caring for your eyewear or contacts. Better job opportunities are also knocking at the door.

  1. Quick recovery

It is just a matter of a few weeks to completely recover from this surgery and this doesn’t require random visits to the doctor.

  1. Painless procedure

This procedure is a hundred percent pain-free and effective. Slight irritation may occur in rare cases.

  1. Quick results

After twenty-four hours of having a LASIK, you will witness improved vision and better results. This will enable you to see clearer than before.

  1. Guaranteed adjustments

In case of any problems in vision due to aging, adjustments are made free of cost.

  1. Cost-effective

Most of the times the cost of LASIK is covered by health insurance companies and other programs

  1. Healthier eyes

LASIK promises healthier eyes than ever before in better condition and which require less maintenance

  1. Precise laser

The laser used in LASIK eye surgery is highly precise and very effective, which reduces the chance of errors to zero.

  1. Expert eye surgeons

LASIK is performed by professional and seasoned ophthalmologists, hence making it safer.

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